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Lucie Rysava

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Secretary to the All NEMO Committee


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During the months of May and June, the responses will be reviewed and in accordance with Article 12.3 of CACM GL duly considered in the process of finalising the proposal(s) to be published and submitted for ACER’s approval.  

Audience Market participants, TSOs and NRAs

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  4. Question 1: Do you have any views on adding Scalable Complex Orders (hereinafter referred as “SCOs”) to the list of products that can be taken into account for Single Day-ahead Coupling 
  5. Question 2: Do you see that scalable complex orders could be complementary to the use of other complex products in the same bidding zone? If so, please explain 
  6. Question 3: Could, in your view, Scalable complex orders be used in place of any of the other existing complex products? (Complex products are linked blocks, exclusive group blocks and complex orders). If so, please explain.
  7. Question 4: As stated in CACM article 40.2, all NEMOs shall ensure that the price coupling algorithm is able to accommodate orders resulting from these products covering multiple market time units. In your opinion, should other kind of orders, apart from block orders, be considered of the same level of importance that it would be for the case of single blocks, provided that algorithm performance is adequate enough? For the sake of clarity:
    1. If the other kind of orders are to be considered of same level of importance of blocks, then they might be included as part of a hypothetical set of minimum requirements for the SDAC that NEMOs may be offering to market participants.
    2. This implies that any of the NEMOs might be able to offer to their market participants either the other kind of order or simple blocks in each bidding zone as the minimum possible product that cover multiple market time units.
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